What is a Feasibility Study? 

It all starts from here

A feasibility study is the proverbial seed from which the rest of the project grows. It is a crucial stage where ideas are shared and an overall understanding of the project is established. 


This is a collaborative process which starts with us coming to your home/ site to talk through your ideas​ and get an understanding of what you hope to achieve. We then take these ideas and put together an illustrative document of design options that help you visualise your ideas as well as any potential planning challenges that might arise. We will as provide a timetable and breakdown of costs for the project.


This stage will give you an idea of what can be achieved and how much it will cost, and when that is clear it gives you the opportunity to put a hold on the project before fully investing it. Its is also a good stage to explore ideas that you may not have considered that achieve your goals, as well as seeking pre app advice from the council if deemed necessary.

feasibility 2.jpg

What do we do?

Following on from meeting you and discussing ideas, we then research the planning history of your building/ site as well as local and national planning policies that may be relevant to the scheme. 

We will then use all of the information to put together some illustrated ideas, showing how your requirements can be achieved through a holistic approach that achieves your dreams, looking at utilising the space to suit your needs and well as both the internal and external appearance.  

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